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About Chris....

Chris Smirski escaped from Communist Poland as a teenager in 1980, leaving his whole family behind. He went to Austria, to the Australian Embassy there, and eventually emigrated to Australia.

His first home in Australia was Villawood Hostel

By the time he left Poland, Chris had already studied as a gymnast for 7 years, and had been a yoga practitioner for 12 years. He had also been a martial arts practitioner for 12 years - firstly Shotokan and Classic Karate, then later learnt Tae Kwondo and Vietnamese Kung Fu. These practices have been an integral part of his life up until the present day.

From Villawood Hostel Chris went to live in Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and worked as a chef there for 2 years, learning English along the way. He has worked in many Blue Mountains restaurants since then.

The time in Wentworth Falls was also a time of consolidating his martial arts skills, a time of preparing himself physically and psychologically as a competitive fighter. This part of his life is ongoing, and includes teaching and training other fighters. He started a Karate School just after he arrived in Australia and later taught kids in the Youth Centre in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.

He became an Australian citizen in 1983.

Chris got a breakthrough 1982 when he got a job offer to be the bodyguard and security officer for the band INXS. This was shortly followed by work as a bouncer in Brisbane and Gold Coast nightclubs.

The next step was a job offer to go to England to be bodyguard for many famous people, including the Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, and Paul Young. There as also work as a bodyguard for many other muscians and other security guard work, including Wembley stadium. Over the course of his career, Chris has been a bodygaurd for many other stars, including Spike Lee and TIm Burton at the Cannes Festival in 1996, Sharon Stone, and Johnny Depp

That trip to England lasted 2 years, and towards the end of this, Chris went on a holiday to the south of France, where he met his future wife and ended up living in France for 20 years. It was during this time that he turned professional kick-boxer and was twice Champion Kick-Boxer of France. His connection to France has been an ongoing one since then. Chris speaks fluent French, in addition to English, Russian and his native Polish.

While Chris was living in France, his good looks also brought him work as a hairdressing model for L'Oreal and other advertising work.

Chris' acting career started early on, - by doing live shows demonstrating martial arts in nightclubs. He has given exhibitions and demonstrations all over Europe and Australia. This progressed to playing roles in opera and live shows that used his martial arts skills in the role. He worked for the Nice Opera for a time, taking such roles as roman soldier and guardsman; he also used his martial arts skills to choreograph a number of action scenes. He is now connected to the Drama Theatre in Wentworth Falls, where his most promiment role to date has been that of Fezzik in " The Princess Bride".

Chris eventually returned to Australia, although he still travels extensively, and has made Katoomba his base. His life is now made up of the many strands that have created a rich and interesting life - security guard work, practicing and teaching martials arts, yoga, acting and cooking and catering.